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How our system works


Groundwater drainage using the WellPoint system, allows the achievement of work while reducing the costs and boosting the results overtime.

This method is proven to the fastest and most appropriate for temporary and permanent ground water drying.


WellPoint Systems are often the most suitable choice for medium and high permeability grounds.

In gravelly grounds, it’s advisable to proceed with the drainage wells equipped with pumps placed inside.

Where to use

Ground water drainage using WellPoint allows the creation of low cost water structures leading to constant results overtime.

This is the fastest and most economic method for temporary and permanent aquifers drainage.


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Compact WEDA pumps

The compact pumps in the WEDA range are portable, lightweight and easy to maintain.
The cooling of the pump and the use of thermal protections have been specially designed to use the pump safely under various conditions.
The presence of a triple seal at the shaft and a semi-vortex impeller facilitates pump maintenance and guarantees a long service life.

Pump characteristics

  • High resistance in a dry environment
  • High thermal motor protection
  • Built-in capacitor with high overload
  • Double mechanical silicon carbide shaft seal
  • A lip seal complementary to the main seal for a longer service life
  • Easier access to the impeller and the pump casing


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